I have been going to Dr. Isacson for years! He is pleasant, dependable, reasonable, and very knowledgeable. He makes himself available as soon as I call him! He has helped me many times. I highly recommend him.

George C.

We recently moved down south with our family, but for the past two years or more, we have been going to Dr. Isacson's office for all our chiropractic and nutritional needs.  Over the past twenty years we've been to five different chiropractors in the state of CT and no one compares to the stellar service provided by Dr. I.  He's not only a great chiropractor, but a wonderful person.  His office is always cheerful and family-oriented.  His front desk receptionist, Eileen is fabulous and great at making everyone who walks through the door feel at home.  I highly recommend Dr. I for all your chiropractic needs.  Even our children enjoyed being adjusted during sports and gymnastics season and then during the cold season to keep them strong and healthy. He always made openings in his schedule to accommodate our family's crazy schedule.  He always made him self available for emergency phone calls in times of family accidents, etc.  He's the best!!!!Great for the ENTIRE Family!!!

Julian I.

Yesterday I got in to see Dr. Isacson because my neck and back were tight.  Even before I was treated I told the receptionist what a gift he is to me, my family and the town of Branford.  After I was treated and already felt better I told someone else how he gets the correction every time.  Today?  I'm better.I have been a patient of Dr. Isacson for sixteen years or so.  Several things I appreciate about him:  when I need help, I call and get in.  When I hurt he knows how to fix it.  Y'know why?  Because I've gone to him for sixteen years.  He knows the treatment needed.He has sometimes commented that I'm a textbook case:  where I hurt does get loosened prior to an adjustment.  And when he adjusts it I can sometimes even FEEL the blood circulating better.  I know he's "got the correction" and within an hour I feel better.Patient after patient would tell you that he has kept them mobile or has delivered them from agony.  But let me tell you about professional courtesy.  I put in an admittedly reluctant request:  would he by any chance be willing to treat my black labrador retriever who had hurt his back and the vets (plural) weren't sure he was going to make it?  He came over and adjusted Barnabas and I am so very grateful.  Now don't put him in the category of "pet veterinarian".  But put him in the category of compassionate and capable.And Barnabas?  Fourteen months later my 12 year old black lab is back on walks with me with a bounce in his . . uh . . posterior.That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Ruth W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nord Isacson for the past 25+ years and prior to that a patient of his father, Dr. Scott Isacson. Not only is Dr. Isacson an excellent Chiropractor as a "hands-on" physician, but a "gentle-man" in every sense of the word! His greatest attribute is he takes the initial time to listen to my complaints, and then knows exactly where to place his hands to accomplish my healing. His office offers a relaxed atmosphere, so upon leaving I have a renewed sense of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. He is a remarkable physician.

Al M.

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